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Graph-da Staff Members

Post by SoulDude on Wed Jan 13, 2010 8:33 am

YG!M is founder of this site. Administrators have power to control everything on the forum and will have access to the Admin panel, more staff will be added once other users join the site

Global Moderators
Global Moderators will mod everything around the site and will have more power than a normal mod.

Moderators will control the General Disscussations part of the forum.

Reviewers have power in the Review section, they will do reviews on anything if requested

Graphic Designers
The Graphic Designers will moderate the Graphics section of the forum. They will do peoples requests and will post their own graphics either in the Gallery or the User Made Creations section

Game Manager
The Game Manager will add flash games to the Arcade section of the forum, they will moderate the Arcade section aswell

Reminder: All staff can give warnings any where in the forum


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